Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Artview in Lakeview Evening

Wild El - Oil pastel on paper, 19" X 25"

What a great evening of art and food. A friend and I boarded the trolley at Broadway and Barry for the third annual Artview in Lakeview. Our tour guide pointed out the mix of individually-owned shops and big box stores that make Lakeview a unique shopping destination.

We disembarked at M & D Gallery on Clark Street, where we took in the colorful works of Bulgarian artist Denitza Manevska and sampled fajitas provided by family-owned El Nuevo Mexicano. Across the street at Art De Triumph, we admired artist Nancie King Mertz’s Impressionist and plein air oils and pastels and tasted curry-flavored cream cheese raisin spread from Noodles & Company.  

Next on the route was Platt Fine Art, a hidden gem on the second floor of a building in the 500 block of Diversey. Platt features 19th and early 20th century American paintings and fine prints, with an emphasis on American regionalism, social realism, and modernism. When I mentioned that some of the work reminded me of my cousin Bernard Baruch Zakheim’s W.P.A. art, the gallery owner produced a reference book and found Mr. Zakheim’s bio.  Platt’s food partner for the evening, by the way, was Miss Asia, which provided egg rolls and crab Rangoon.

My friend and I just missed the trolley going to the next spot, but it was a beautiful evening so we walked to Halsted north of Belmont, where The Leigh Gallery and I.D. Chicago, Inc. are located. The Leigh Gallery offered eclectic art ranging from “modern to old-school classic,” free tote bags and clips, mini screw sets from Shirts Illustrated, and food by Dishfunctions. I.D. Chicago, Inc. presented subtle black, white, and gray collages as well as stylish appetizers by Yoshi’s Café and Minibar Ultra Lounge & Café.

Next was Slaymaker Fine Art Ltd., which is located at Clark and Roscoe, an angled intersection with El tracks. You can see three views of that intersection on this blog.  Slaymaker is spacious, has high painted ceilings, and a piano that warns you not to play unless you are Beethoven or Brahms. Mini burgers, fried chicken pieces, vegetables topped with mashed potatoes, and veggie pasta were provided by Johnny O’Hagan’s Restaurant.

It was a long walk home and when I arrived I realized that I had missed going to Stella’s Diner. I dashed out with a neighbor and enjoyed the show by Standard Usage Project Artists Collective, a group of artists working with photography, video, and sound. 


  1. Thanks, Ruth, for giving each gallery and restaurant a mention--sorry you missed going out to our courtyard where Noodles & Co. had a huge array of their signature noodle dishes--they have great food! Come back to see us--Nancie King Mertz, ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios

  2. I'm sorry I missed it, too! I look forward to the next one and to visiting your wonderful gallery again.